Monday, June 22, 2009

Nissan Lafesta

Nissan Lafesta attend to differ from result Nissan minivan with tagline shift open feeling. Lafesta presented with glass roof of panoramic fairish extra 1.500 mm and 800 mm. This Sunroof is including biggest in class of minivan marketed in Japan. Name of Lafesta alone from Italian language 'festa' meaning festival vacation or party. Nissan even also hope people mean Lafesta as one of the medium express leeway in car with consanguinity or family.

Body length of Lafesta tired 4.495 mm, do not equal to tired Serena 4.590 mm. driver earn easily know fourthly of corner vehicle of moment maneuver because glass design from other side till behind which wide enough. machine have Capacities to 2,0 liter result of development with Renault have emission test of U - LEV Japan and also economical standard certificate of materials of baker Japan. This Machine have inwrought with transmission extra is soft of xtronic cvt.

Tidy as family car, Lafesta also have amenity access and arrangement of seat configuration. Door shift clear wide automatically water down to access goods and passenger. Arrangement of ts seat also flexible so, especially to you owning moppet. Your moment pilot Lafesta, you easily control your child sitting in both line because its seat can be moved forward till reside in beside you is only folded next passenger bench. Available galore Depository room also at Lafesta : drawer have capacities to 7 available liter on the top and have capacities to 15 liter in underside.


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