Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Opel Trixx

Opel Trixx is conception a real special. Non production version overdressed. Unhappily nickel concept is nothing doing is produced. Trixx also is environmental friendliness car and seen good and shows innovation network of similar design. Practical is its the base idea. Carl Peter Forster, Boss GM EROPA emphasizes this car may not be longer from 3 meter and applies OFF machine the shelf and expressed gets away accident test. Forced to think to make practical car, similar design expert Opel then makes and patents door design concept (pantograph hinged door) what opened and covered with model sliding facilitating access to enter.

Front passenger chair can be folded is finite parallel ness with middle alley. There is basis bumper back to transport big bicycle or goods. We anticipate this fixture ere long will be application. so impressing other fixture : jock inflatable in dorsal line and twin door her side opening to all car side. Developed with Fiat and Suzuki possibly gives new hope, but finite now arrives enjoying Trixx for example of freedom thinking.


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