Thursday, January 7, 2010


Since launched at 2001, has not happened change of design significant, except some facelift which more accurate conceived of attachment of accessory. Do not deflect denied, many people waits the all new Zafira. Zafira is one of car having function – multipurpose function, practical and balmy and is including quickly (cylindrical 4 machine as of line, 1796 cc). Its the Handling is settled with soft suspension slamming. Its the big boot space can transport shopping goods. Only whir wind noise felt annoying in cabin.

Besides, this MPV is most family conveyor complete. Which very amazes is arrangement ability of its the seven passengers chairs, flex 7. seven fruit of chair can be changed in 39 positions to differ in. And way of hiding both third line chairs at the opposite of floor remain to wiliest among MPV its the competitor having capacities same passenger. Something else making it to differ in is quality of its the making. All part of Zafira either its the exterior and also interior felt with quality height. More than anything else its newest variant, Zafira Elegance presenting laminated seat of skin, adds its(the affluence value. Not to mention addition of audio control in circling drive.


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