Saturday, May 8, 2010

Takes heed six angles

when your friend talks too sure near by of you feels like is being invaded. Imagines if that happened when you are riding car. When dogged by car with near distance, will arise feeling to worry happened something. Dogs very dangerous sure other car. Because time and reacted tight you. For the purpose you must accustom creates safe situation in around car. There is six angles which must be taken heed, that is front, right, left, back, upper and lower. To take care of it left and right rear view check and middle every 5 second once to observe condition beside and back. Points again opinion sight forwards. movement of eye from object one to other object every two second.

Gives distance with other car also need to be done to create safe space every when. With distance that is enough is lax, you will had time to react causing lessens accident potency. If you resided in road that is there is no traffic fringe, better space out 3 – 8 second from vehicle in front of you. While if you are in walking free of resistance, distance cat eye fringe 50 meter (toll outside town) and 25 meter (toll in town) can be exploited as spacer.
Accustoms sees middle mirror to see situation rear before doing braking. This anticipates that you car is not bumped from back as result of sudden brake. If your car are being in the middle of speeds of 50 km / hour, does double braking. Temporary for above speed 80 km / hour does quartet braking. Gave opportunity of car behind to precede if its the distance is too near. Anticipatory also car underside. When passing holey street laboured only some of entering just tires. Partly again still tread in asphalt. And when getting through sleep police. Gets through in a state of incline, lets one per one tires pass this barrier.


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