Friday, June 19, 2009

Audi A6

New Audi A6 Avant show unique combination of and design of dynamism embraced it. especial design in part of interior and exterior remain to show identity as vehicle of sportsmanlike saloon. technological innovation of Audi is even also claimed to give high freshmen standard. machine which on the market with burn gasoline and diesel which is configuration choice of V6 and of V8. machine capacities which on the market for the A6 of this immeasurable Avant also, with burn gasoline 2,4 liter of V6 (177 hp and 230 Nm) and 3,2 liter of FSI V6 (255 hp and 330 Nm0 and also machine of V8 capacities 4,2 liter (335 hp and 420 Nm). whereas diesel engine of TDI V6 have capacities to 2,7 liter (180 hp and 380 Nm) and 3,0 liter (225 hp and 450 Nm). This Machine is combined with manual transmission 6 speed with choice alternative 6 speed automatic tiptronik or of contiously variable automatic multitronic.

Like individuality of Audi other, New V6 Avant also activator system choice with four wheel of quattro permanent or system activator of next wheel. A6 Avant also application of suspension link four in and frontage of self link trapezoidal tracking part in behind. As choice, available also system of suspension with adaptive irrigate suspension. previous Technological only there are at A8 nowadays even also start adaptation at A6 Avant. For example, usage of parking electron mechanical and brake of adaptive light cornering light. But, what felt most significant is application of Multi Media of Interface (MMI) with screen of monochrome as its standard.


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