Sunday, June 14, 2009

Toyota Camry

Sedan Family of midsize successful in United States, Toyota Camry, offering with type of LE, XLE and of SE. Camry Type of LE and of XLE offer machine choice 2,4 liter, 4 line cylinder (160 hp and at 5.700 rpm and 220 Nm at 4.000 rpm) and machine of V6 have capacities to 3,0 liter (210 and hp of torsi 297 Nm). Special to thinking much of to feel sportsman likely, Camry even also provide type of SE. Supported by machine of V6 have capacities to 3,3 liter, its energy reach 225 hp and its i 324 Nm. free mechanical Energy Heart of technological pollution of vehicle emission zero partial (PZEV) is channeled to next wheel pass automatic transmission 5 controlled speed electronically.
Peep at its outward appearance, Camry attend more aggressive with next lamp and grille which is this design repeat. This impression increase strength with usage of newfangled tail light. Meanwhile its interior some change also improve freshmen and appearance. Model LE give new transmission lever have nuance to of chrome, besides at lever opener of its door. Besides, middle console of him have newfangled. Circumference drive in with audio system control and also materials of fabric arranging in layers seat also give freshmen and amenity drive. Whereas type of XLE give the nature of better affluence, namely coolant of automatic cabin, electrical next seat and auto rear view of dimming with compass. As for XLE bermesinV6 enhance electrical sunroof and also husk coat in place position. its Audio standard System attend GENERALLY / FM / CD Audio with six speaker. While for the type of XLE there are choice of head unit with CD changer six of CD with eight speaker devoting of IBL.


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