Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ferrari Superamerica

Ferrari have applied roof technology of convertible interesting and mechanism open its unique cover. This roof is pinned to at variant 575 M Maranello. 575 M Maranello that referred as erratic by name its geniuses after owning roof of innovative that. Hence referred as by that convertible as Ferrari Superamerica because coming up first time to lure public of Uncle Sam.

Which most uppermost of Superamerica of course its roof. Cause, of chassis, machine, gearbox till its ream is equal to 575 M. Roof of Superamerica made of by glass able to be arranged by darkness rate or its boldness electrically. Dweller of cabin enough button to arrange light intensities which come into cabin through roof. There are five bold dark level which can be selected and the glass can change from dark to bold with time under one minute.

Glass of Elctrohromic the then have mechanism open cover having the character of rotational, is not exit enter baggage like most convertible in this time. With mechanism of rotational, hence baggage volume have never annoyed by axle journal of is open. As we know, during the time baggage volume of convertible is always clipped by roadster roof and step into baggage. Glass roof which have been patented by this can be open in 10 second. With that way, Superamerica which in design by house of design Pinifarina and sold as this edition limited become convertible with fastest roof mechanism.


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