Friday, June 5, 2009

Renault SM7

When Samsung join with Renault hence delivering birth for example middle saloon have coronet to of Renault – Samsung SM7, after previously Samsung Motors launch SM5 (premium - saloon being based on Nissan Cefiro). SM7 represent newest product of Renault - Samsung Motors, after Renault buy operational rights at 1999. Woke up by division of R & D Renault – Samsung alone SM7 place forward value ease of cabin (dimension 4.945 mm, 1.790 mm, 1.475 mm). This car take bases of Nissan Teana and that seen from upper hip form of him, besides image in its entirety. But, special to part of its face, this is first car which present visually of typical identify of Renault – Samsung.

Even born in shadow - product shadow of Nissan, SM7 even also try to make difference. Do not under developed, as a middle saloon which reside in one class, that is Toyota Camry and of Honda Accord, SM7 even also device application - device of recent safety. For example, system airbag smart equipped is auto of eunuch adaptive of and airbags curtain. That is added with more inveterate device, like distribution force brake electronic (EBD) and of braking system assistance (BAS) equipping device of standard anti system braking lock (ABS).

To yield needed energy, SM7 supplied by mechanical heart 3,5 liter of V6 and 2,3 liter of is New VQ. Both representing recent machine result of alliance of Renault and of Nissan signalizing attainment of maximal torsi. Renault - new Samsung Motors yield three car, sure SM5, SM3 (sedan small) and SM7. It is true still need many and examination of impression kitties of its consumer. But, SM7 do not deflect to be looked into side eye, considering support of Renault and of Nissan behind him.


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