Thursday, June 4, 2009

History of Renault - Samsung

Samsung Motor of Inc. founded by Samsung Group at 1994 which is that scorpion is led by Lee Hee. Pursuant to agreement of operational with Nissan Motor, Samsung Motors plan 3 investment year early (1995 – 1997) with dollar milliard value. But, monetary crisis which knock over Asian area at 1998 punching Samsung Motors, only a few moments after premium saloon of SM5 launching. SM5 even also become first car and one - the other one which have been made by Samsung Motor. that Monetary Storm of Samsung Motors forcing sell its operational activity so that lingering.

December 1999, is same Renault in the year have bought some of share of Nissan Motors even also conduct negotiation with Samsung motors. Remain to at 1 September 2000, opening to stand up Renault – Samsung Motors. Investment of Renault and supported by technician of Nissan even also after the time/date of that factory awakening of Samsung in Busan which have time to apparent death. In the year 2001, financial statement of Renault – Samsung Motors show performance exceeding expectation. But, at 2002 have time to happened degradation of performance because competitor intensively newfangled is. Lucky, at 2003, happened increasing of production by 84.999 unit of SM5 and 32.631 SM3 tilled by 2.235 worker. But, year 2004, Nissan express to draw its technician support, so that model - model of Renault – Samsung henceforth base on at model of Renault. Model SM7 which You see this yard of last model representing which base on Nissan.


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