Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mitsubishi EVO FQ-400

Don’t hope to get freshmen in public road with surface of harsh asphalt. Don’t also feel will with flamboyant. You get through or curve of zoom and generation. so called car of opening of this Mitsubishi Evo VIII MR FQ-400 invite You step into an special situation : palpitating and always wish to get more than which you reach in this time. That’s glamour of Evo. Its Problem, price of Evo which is is one this really madness. We know, one of the typical cirri all its Evo of him is can give larger ones easiness in comparing exotic car is class which its of costlier him. Equally : a kind of killer giant. Now at the price of coming near 50 thousand pound sterling, Evo even also step into other arena. Namely arena where all its his expect more super again from a legend of Evo.

Can FQ-400 fulfill that expectation ? clear, this car have ability of acceleration and press brake more dramatic compared to Evo. Mitsubishi Evo VIII FQ-300 claim this is car produce missal four fastest door in world. Its figure of him, for example, acceleration 0-100 kpj in 3,5 second, maximum speed of him more than 280 acceleration kpj, and 0-160 kpj only in 9,1 second. Gear Hmm, really and jar. Simply comparison of acceleration 0-100 FQ-400 kpj which only 3,5 second of hamper equivalent with perform of Ferari Enzo which around 3,2 second and exceed from Ferari F430 noting 4 second. Mechanical though heart of FQ-400 only have configuration to 4-silinder line with cylinder capacities 1.997 cc. But, that machine only can yield extraordinary output of its category for, namely 397 hp at 6.400 rpm and 252 Nm at 5.500 rpm. That mechanical heart clear, synergy with system activator of its four wheel really harmonies, so yield maximal grip.


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