Wednesday, July 8, 2009


‘Engineered like no other car in the world’. That’s superstitious formula of advertisement of Mercedes-Benz (MB) during one decade. And it have come to fact. But superstitious formula of them have to end when high expense pressure and emulation temperature mount. Let us reanimate that motto with one change. In this year, after its CLS, that motto turn into 'world the in car other no like styled'. Trust, You have to stand by to accept surprise ding when seeing CLS like car which in cutting its roof. CLS Remind us at original appetite of car style of custom California era 1650-an. Some part very radical and differ. Besides MB nothing there is no other manufacture capable to produce mass car after style of CLS. Wide Grille with typical logo of MB in it become a symbol differentiating between saloon with coupe.

See its profile in and CLS will see car like quickly and is wild. Then you'd agape with inclination of next glass and behind aggressive, roof curve one till stern in one line. While connective hip line of next wheel and behind beautifully. Likely MB have found appetite of America correct (Its fact, this model in influencing by American designer, Michael Fink which now have career to in Hyundai) to create model which not even conventionally respect but also dare to. If CLS follow Alpha frontage of Romeo and throw away back door hilt of conventional, hence CLS will visualizing itself as a real coupe, claim of MB. Next Lamp of vertical in form of L letter remind to Mercy era classic coupe 1960-an its so lower, and might possibly do not pass standard of safety pedestrian. Of backside, its stern see nicely like Lancia Ypsilon, Toyota Camry, Buick Rivera and especially Australian Ford of AU Falcon. Compared to E Class, long CLS more 104 mm, lower but wide and of its body and distance tread on him. But mechanics and wheelbase both is same.


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