Sunday, July 12, 2009

VW Golf GTi MK

"We wish to return authenticity of first GTI. Its of him earn we understand VW Golf because of GTI Mk1 (first generation) endless life and cannot compete with by whom also likely the things of Ayrton Senna. First Generation of him so in respecting and in esteeming. And in three Golf decade have 'multiplied' in five very successful generation and have many car try to become its dummy. And, in that range of time, more than 1,5 million Golf of GTI have in production. High duration have made people million of tempted to owning it. Many people very is admiring of Golf which quickly from at cars of perform other. One-Third live AUTOCAR have felt GTI, become we understand once about him.

But Bernd more knowing that market appetite have change and that is why VW GTI at the price of US$ 36.800 to a 'bullet' non to a Golf standard. All its very is wishing of GTI which quickly is, balmy, heavy, many is optional, and also is 'delicious' ridden. Even Bernd and all lovers of GTI hunger for package above, just remain to be of VW do not deflect to make character of GTI heavier Mk5 500 better than Mk1. System drive GTI like at its have been assisted by electric maybe trivial matter but exactly this capacity become center assessment of us and enjoy GTI. We is values is not new GTI Mk5 from the aspect of look into Bernd, but we use all wanted by element is devotee. We confront GTI with two competitor closest its in one ring. Renault Megane Renault Sport 225 (US$ 35.880) and Honda Civic Type-R (US$ 29.464). Mentioned last rival of us because attend its ability within call once with GTI Mk1.


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