Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Toyota Vios 1.5G M / T

Toyota Vios having dynamic and compact form with fixture simple, solvent of acceleration responsive although machine only having capacities 1500 cc. But after policy TAM (Toyota Astra Motor) to make Vios which change name becomes Limo as cab. But if it is analyzed, this thing proves that Vios is economical car of fuel. If it is seen from its the design Vios 15G M / T publish 2003, distinguishes is aggressive but dynamic is supported fixture which simple and practical.

From the angle of kitchen races, machine power New Baleno is more pre-eminent, but perform energy Vios felt is more responsive because profited with weight only 1020 friskier finite kg maneuvered and or moving in compaction of traffic. Hollowing Vios at grille front seen hardly lures uniting becoming sharp main light, added foglamp to make its the more captivating display. Sloping pillar design impressed aerodynamic hardly jacks up appearance. Its the stern is also seen solid to lure with convex backup light display. Vios has dimension with length 4285 mm, wide 1695 mm and height 1435 mm.


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