Saturday, February 6, 2010

Volvo XC 90 PUV

Volvo XC 90 having machine V8 result of Volco Cars of North America, LLC (VCNA), which called XC 90 PUV (Power Utility Vehicle). This viscid car with style steel American lover between the line from Wide Body at fender front and back. this Volvo merges safety concept of typical of Volvo and appearance and perform an exotic car. Whereas new V8 machine of standard XC 90 only solvent of energy egg 311 hp, machine hidden to frame front of XC 90 PUV is can release maximum energy until 650 hp blessing of the application of supercharger, machine which remapping and low restriction exhaust.

Allied with automatic transmission of 6 speed geartronic, this smart transmission channels energy yielded by machine through system all wheel drive Volvo Haldex, so that can give traction maximum at axis dorda front of back. For exterior compatibility, selected velg is having diameter 20 inch with wide 9 inch, allied tire Pirelli P - Zero Assimetrico 275 / 40 - ZIRCON 20 front of back. Dimension brake disk also is altered total. For front of having diameter 15 inch with 8 times per rear brake is having diameter 13 inch with 4 caliper. Form of spoiler front which barium and carbon design that be able to give refrigeration extra to disk brake, at the same time as fresh air dealer for intercooler for supercharger. Part of stern allied with four muffler holes adapted for contour wide is frontage. What makes XC 90 is more interestingly is attention is combination rundles blazing and lambing yellow shield with deer logo reminding at a sport car product publishes Italian.


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