Saturday, June 18, 2011


BMW Z4 has a coupe in the form of an enlarged engine compartment so that the passenger cabin moved far back. The stability of the car also claimed to be the better for having transform the center of gravity is more backward. Further into the machine you will find a composite made from magnesium and aluminum. Kitchen mechanical capacity of 3.0 liter six cylinder in line was believed to be capable of blowing up a power of 265 hp at 6650 rpm and peak torque of 315 Nm at 2500 - 4000 rpm. Own power to weight ratio of 1.6 hp per kg.

Even with very high confidence that neither guarantee the BMW Z4 Coupe will be the fastest road sports car, and dynamic. In this car there is the concept of traditional and futuristic exterior design collaboration and makes it harder to rear.


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