Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hybrid Vehicle Sport

Peace with the environment is one form of commitment almost allcar manufacturers in the world today. To achieve environmentally friendly vehicles now do not be too difficult because the findings of the hybrid engine has been proven to reduce levels of car exhaust pollution. Daihatsu introduced the latest environmentally friendly concept cars are nicknamed HVS (Hybrid Vehicle Sports), this sports car is the result of the integration between the environment and the need for a car that akseleratif and resilient. This car is facilitated by DVVT berkapasistas 1,500 cc, the engine is believed capable of producing a very large initial energy so that could accelerate quickly. The machine will not work alone because there are two driving motors eachs to rotate the front and rear wheels.

Remarkably, the two motors is working with electronic 4WD transmission system, which will provide a warm performance inevery round of the engine, transmission systems are also used for reducing the leakage rate torque channeled to each wheel. With alight weight compact body design and hybrid technology, this car is expected to spend only 4.1 liters of petrol for a distance of 100 km or about 1: 24.4 km. Fuel consumption is very minimal is equivalent to 1,000 cc engined vehicles, while levels of CO2 emissions of just 101 g / km.


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